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The Naked Truth

As Naked as the Day We Were Born

We started slinging our homemade juice blends and smoothies to Santa Monica sunbathers from an ice-filled backpack. Towel to towel, we made our way up and down the beaches and, eventually, up and down the California coast. That was in 1983.

While you can now find our blends from coast to coast, we remain true to our original purpose: Help people get more out of life.

We do this by simply doing what we do best: Blending the best fruits and veggies Mother Nature has to offer into the tastiest, nutrient-iest juice drinks (or smoothies) we can imagine.

So that’s why we created our range of Power. Full. Smoothies.*  Ready to pick-you-up during the mid-morning slump, after the gym or amidst the post lunch blues.


* Green Machine & Mango Machine: Juice smoothies loaded with Vitamin C, which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress.

Superfood: Juice smoothies supercharged with fruits and vitamins including Vitamin B12 which contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system.



We value fruit and veg, of all shapes and sizes.

Mother Nature gave us some pretty great stuff to play with – and given that our name is Naked®, it’d be pretty lame to cover up the taste of her delicious bounty with artificial flavours or added sugars.

We value goodness. That’s why we pack more in, just like you. Making sure our bottles are bursting at the seams with goodness. We never add sugar its only natural sugars from the fruit.

So every time you crave refreshing, delicious fruits and veggies, you can be 100% sure that every Naked bottle is providing you with that.

Here’s to our health.

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