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Coconut Water

Only natural sugars

Hydrate & Replenish

Refreshment never tasted so good. 100% coconut water free from preservatives. Only natural sugars, Naked Coconut Water a source of potassium and has naturally 40% less sugars than other coconut waters on average.  

Boosted Smoothies

Busy day? You need a boost then! Say hello to our Naked Machines. The machines are the perfect pick-me-up for those times when you need to give those batteries a boost.

Boosted Smoothies

Protein Smoothies

Protein pick-me-up? We gotcha. We've packed it in so you don't have to.

Protein Smoothies

Cold Pressed Juice

Time to press refresh? Time for a Cold Pressed. Time for a Cold Pressed. Naked source the best ingredients, then cold press the juice with chilled pressure, squashing the ingredients whilst locking in the natural flavour & benefits.

Cold Pressed Juice