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Our Philosophy

We believe in dedication

Naked Juice - We believe in dedication


From the mixologists to the marketeers, the Naked Juice team works hard and enjoys every minute of the journey to create enjoyment for our drinkers. Our best advertising is a person holding a Naked Juice with a big smile on their face. In fact, that’s how we’ve grown – one smiling face at a time.

We believe in creating the best

Naked Juice - We believe in creating the best


Here, at Naked, we are dedicated to creating delicious juice smoothies. We want to crush even more good stuff into every bottle and combine mouth-watering juices with added boosts like veg, vitamins and algae. We’re proud of every single ingredient (yes, even you, parsley).

Think Naked, think Fruit In A Bottle

Naked Juice - 3) Think Naked, think Fruit In A Bottle


When it comes to juice, we use fruit and vegetables from around the world to make into our masterpieces. If it’s not amazing, it’s not in the bottle.

We believe in Nature - No Added Sugar


One word: Never.

We never, ever, ever add sugar to any juice we make. We keep it simple.

Naked Juice does contain naturally occurring sugars from pure juice.

Green Machine & Mango Machine: Juice smoothies loaded with Vitamin C, which contributes to the protection of cells from oxidative stress

Superfood: Juice smoothies supercharged with fruits and vitamins including Vitamin B12 which contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system